Monday, August 26, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones & The Legend of the Firewalker Update

Hello everyone! Before I get started with my review, I wanted to provide an update on The Legend of the Firewalker. The first book in the series is still with my editor and it looks like I will have an update on the release date in about a week. I am so excited to release the first book and can't wait to share the story with you guys!

So, on to the Mortal Instruments! I thought the beginning of the movie was really fast-paced and didn't give the viewer enough time to connect with the characters first before throwing them into life-threatening danger. Why should we care about the impending danger or threat when we don't even have a feel for the characters yet? This probably wasn't a problem for those who have read the book or series and probably would explain why I didn't actually care about the outcome of the love triangle until the very end of the movie.

Overall, I thought the movie's special effects were okay and that it was jammed packed with so much action that it left little room for character development. As I mentioned before, by the end of the movie, two hours and 10 minutes worth, I finally felt a sense of the characters and became invested in wanting to know their fate. I am now curious to how the sucker punch to the romance-angle between lead actors Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower will play out.

I give Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 3 out 5 stars, and I hope the DVD has plenty of extras including commentary on how the book was adapted to film.

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