Sunday, November 17, 2013

October eBook Cover Design Awards: The Legend of the Firewalker

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am very pleased that the book cover for The Legend of the Firewalker received a favorable comment from the eBook Cover Design Awards although it didn't win. I've been following the e-Book cover design awards for sometime and I am still in awe that the time had finally arrived for my very own book to appear among all the great book covers!

The eBook cover design awards can be found at and Joel Friedlander, self-published author and award-winning book designer, administers the awards. For the month of October, there were 99 book covers submitted for the category of fiction, and 17 for non-fiction. Joel commented that the book cover for The Legend of the Firewalker was effective, however the typesetting of the smaller letters could have been better. I have spent some time on Joel's blog and have come to know that he is a stickler for typesetting.

Just seeing The Legend of the Firewalker appear on the website with all the rest was rewarding enough, at least this time around..haha! I can't wait till the day comes when book #2 in the series is being nominated and I will definitely see what I can do to improve the typesetting. ;)

One last note, for those of you interested in a second chance at winning an autographed copy of book #1 in the series, there is currently a Goodreads giveaway in progress if you want to enter.

Also, don't forget to enter the November Legend of the Firewalker Giveaway, which includes some great prizes. The deadline to enter that giveaway is Sunday, December 15, 2013.

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