Saturday, May 21, 2011

Celine is back in Vegas!

I hope I can make it to see Celine Dion in Vegas before she decides to leave again. In the video below she is singing one of my favorite songs. I can hear my friends and family telling me now that I say every Celine song is my favorite song. What can I say, but I love me some Celine! I still love Mariah's version and the original done by Journey better, but hey its Celine! Maybe I'll do a video cover! :)

Any who, Celine looks great in the video and her voice is amazing as usual. I am amazed how great she looks after just having twins! Here's a link to a clip of her on Oprah with her twin boys and a glimpse of her amazing home in Florida. Kudos to her stylist or her good taste because that dress is stunning! Celine will be in Vegas over the next three years so I have no excuse not to make it!

Celine I promise I am coming!! :)


  1. celine dion is a great singer and she looks gorgous!!!

  2. I agree. I wonder if she is going to come out with a new album as well.

  3. where's mariah carey?