Monday, May 23, 2011

Thor...The God of Thunder..Hit or Miss??

Okay, you might be thinking why on Earth did he spend his time and hard earned money to see that movie? Well, I am a sucker for action and superhero movies regardless of how bad they are. To give you an example, I even went to see 2009’s J.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra and I have to admit I even own it on DVD.

Besides my taste in movies, what did I think about Thor starring Chris Hemsworth?? Save your money! I have to go against its favorable review on Rotten Tomatoes this time around and agree with Roger Ebert. Maybe I am being unfair by comparing it to previously released Marvel comics made into movies, but it does have a list of blockbusters to live up to like Spiderman, Iron Man, and X-men. Thor just missed the mark for me. The Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) of Asgard was visually amazing and the battle scene with the red-eyed ice monsters was great! Natalie Portman played Jane Foster in the movie, but I just recently watched her role in the Black Swan so that’s all I kept thinking about when she appeared on the screen.

I do want to give kudos to Chris Hemsworth for starring in his first movie and for his body transformation into the almighty Thor.

Click here if you want to see before and after photos.

It wasn’t his performance that hurt the movie; I think it was the lack of grandeur. It’s a movie about Thor, the god of thunder, and he spends a majority of the movie in some small desert town discovering that he’s boring is that?? I guess I wanted more action and for him to blow up more stuff not to teach me about being humble which I guess would be suitable if this was a movie made just for young children.

So this movie was a miss for me, but definitely Netflix worthy. For those of us that would like to see more of Mr. Hemsworth, he is scheduled to appear as Thor in The Avengers movie currently in production with a release date sometime in 2012.


  1. i never seen the movie thor but i noticed that 60% of hollywood movies are allways re making super hero movies, and thor is an old character and so is batman, superman, spiderman, wonder woman,iron man, and so on, movies directors in hollywood need to be more original with their work, sick and tired of remakes of old fashion stuff, movies driectors need to take some notes from james cameron , a man who is creative and original that's what makes him one of the best film makers on the planet!!

  2. Hey Anonymous! Very good post! I am going to blog about MTV's remake of the 80's classic movie Teen Wolf and their efforts to develop it into a new series ~Cheers!

  3. natalie portman sucks in this movie her acting skills are not all that great! she cheats through her career pretty much!